7 Must-Have Gun Accessories You Need to Know About

The year 1000 AD marked the culmination of guns. Initially used for hunting and protection, now they are being used extensively in the shooting range and for collection purposes as well. 

If you also own a gun, you may be interested in knowing some very interesting add ons or accessories to your collection. We’ll get into it today, but first, let’s look at some facts:

What are some reasons for owning a gun? 

  • In countries like the USA, every four in ten people have a gun in their home. For Americans, it has become their right to own a gun as it is stated in the Second Amendment of the US constitution. 
  • In early times, it was used as a tool and to kill poisonous or life-threatening animals. Cowboys were supposed to use it to kill rattlesnakes. 
  • According to a survey, gun owners stated, the main reason for owning a gun is their protection as they feel safe. The world is getting dangerous. Lack of education, unemployment, and rising poverty levels have given birth to many crimes. Having a gun around gives them peace of mind and assurance regarding protection of their families in tough times.
  • Many people have a hobby of collecting guns. You might think, “How collecting them is helpful?” Well, there is a huge craze of guns in the market. Many people buy guns at high prices. One can overcome any financial crisis by selling these.
  • For others, guns are a part of their culture. Guns are used for hunting even today. People use rifles in hunting as they give more thrill than a bow.

What are thread protectors and their uses?

Now let’s get to know about thread protectors, these are widely used in guns for the protection of threaded barrels from any kind of damage and corrosion. A barrel is a long metal tube from which the bullet has to undergo after it is fired.

  • A barrel is threaded to mount a sound suppressor and flash. It also increases the accuracy and velocity of the bullet.
  • Threaded barrels are sensitive to any kind of corrosion and physical damage. The main aim of thread protectors is to protect threaded barrels from these problems.
  • There is a major risk of explosion, as oil can contaminate the thread, this can also be prevented by the use of thread protectors.

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The Must-have Gun Accessories

As a gun owner, there are some accessories you should consider putting in your shopping cart. We have mentioned 7 of them below:

  • Eye and ear protectors:

The dust and powder blown back at the time of shooting can burn your eyes and cause severe eye problems. Eye protectors will not only prevent your eyes from powder but also from the flash of the muzzle. It also provides greater contrast, helping you to see the target better, ultimately, improving accuracy.

A normal gun or rifle can create noise of at least 140 decibels which is even louder than a jet take-off. Prolonged exposure to the sound of more than 85 decibels can cause permanent hearing loss. Hearing sound of this range right next to ear not only causes pain but also hearing problems. Ear protectors will protect your ear during range shooting, giving you a better shooting experience.

  • Ammunition:

Ammunition is undoubtedly the most important accessory of guns. It is the material, fired from your rifle or gun. The main purpose of ammunition is to affect the target by projecting force against it. Some of its components are explosives materials, cartridge casing, fuzes, and projectiles.

You must be selective about the type of ammunition as it comes in various designs varying from hunting types to armor-penetrating types.

  • Targets:

Suppose, you are shooting in an enclosed hall, how'd you test or increase your shooting skills? Targets will provide you a clear objective to aim upon. 

They come in various forms and can be made of wood, steel, and even paper. Best targets for long-range shooting are silhouette targets as their wavelength is more, making it more visible from distance. Human silhouette targets are used for police and military trainings.

They come in 3D form and stationary as well as dynamic form. 

Running targets, moving targets and flying targets are popular among professionals.

  • Extra magazines:

Ammunitions are stored in these magazines. Magazines are detachable part of a gun. Keeping extra magazines allow you to switch between different ammunition as they come in several types. 

Sometimes, you’ll need more ammo than what is in your gun. Moreover, they’ll be useful in times of better defense.

  • Gun cleaning kit:

There is a saying, ‘A clean gun is a safe gun’. The main reason for buying a gun for the majority is their protection. Continuous use of guns without cleaning can create problems at the time of defending yourself. 

Guns may stop or delay functioning and become inefficient in providing a smoother shooting experience. With every fire, powder residue, carbon and gases settle down on a gun or barrel. This can affect the overall performance of the gun. Corrosion of guns due to moisture will decrease the market price of guns.

Keeping your gun clean will increase its life and decrease the chances of its deterioration. A cleaning solvent, lubricant, gun oil, patches, bore brush, cleaning rod, flashlight and cotton swabs are must-have objects in the cleaning kit.

  • Pistol sights:

They are used to aim targets at a greater distance. They provide better visual aligning of surveying instruments and ranged weapons. Night sights are useful in aiming the target in low availability of light as they glow at night leading to better visibility of the target.

They can be used in long-distance shooting and hunting. As sights are available for almost every type of gun, you’ll find your ideal sight easily.

  • Carry gear:

Lastly, carry bags are hands down one of the most important accessories needed to carry all your branded equipment. A carry bag should be big enough to carry all other accessories and doesn’t feel too heavy. A carry bag is convenient during long travels or shooting adventures.

Parting Notes

Guns are fun, and the fun increases manifold with the use of correct accessories. We hope you found this list helpful. If you wish to buy thread protector parts & other affordable accessories which are high-quality and reliable, you can visit our website. Contact our supportive customer service executives anytime. We’d be happy to have a chat with you.

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