If you are local and wish to purchase and pick up from us directly please call and do a phone order.

If you are buying a firearm from another dealer and would like to have it sent to us for your transfer:
1. Call us to verify we have their FFL on file and we will approve the transfer
*You can have them email a copy of their FFL to us at [email protected] and we will send them ours in return*
2. You must give us the tracking number when you get it
3. You will be called when it is checked in and ready for transfer
4. The transfer fee is $35.00 cash only!
5. If you do not have have a CCP/CWP there is a 3 day waiting period now by FL law after the background check has been completed.
6. Please make sure you have your DL and CCP/CWP, if you have it, with $35 cash at the time of background check to transfer.